• Keynote addresses
    Entertaining and informative

    Looking for someone to provide the perfect keynote for your next event?

    Fun, amazement, and a wealth of information awaits your audience. With a focus on deepening relationships and how to use the techniques of influence and persuasion, all of which is achieved without manipulation or deception. The length can be tailored to your requirement. More info...
  • Conferences
    Become more effective with people

    The Human Whisperer seminar is based on the book of the same name, however, we cover additional material NOT included in the book.

    From generating charisma to becoming a human lie detector to understanding the techniques of influence and persuasion, your team will leave this session better able to deal with people than when they went in. More info...
  • Consulting
    A subject matter expert for hire

    There are times you just don't want to worry about it. With me around you won't have to.

    Most people think a consultant is a self-proclaimed expert that charges exorbitant fees in return for vague and mostly incorrect business advice. I prefer to roll up my sleeves and get to work rather than just talk about it. What services are being offered? Find out...
  • Keyl Enterprises
    Socially engineered penetration testing

    Technology isn’t enough to keep your organization secure.

    As government agencies and corporations note the increasing prevalence of social engineering attacks, the need to combat these threats is greater than ever. We provide realistic threat assessments and concrete measures to mitigate potential risks. More info...

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unleash your ability to read people, deepen relationships, and influence others in ways
you never thought possible.

  • Exude charisma in any situation

  • Read body language effectively

  • Increase rapport to deepen relationships

  • Know when someone is lying

  • Learn the science behind real persuasive techniques!


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Develop your talents

Activate your potential to be more interpersonally effective.

You can change the world

Understanding the deeper thoughts and motivations of others is good. Learning to use tools of influence and persuasion is even better. Using those skills to effect real change is one of the greatest things you can do. You are standing on the precipice of being a difference-maker.