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Sexual Harassment’s Overlooked Truth

[title_box title="Sexual Harassment's Overlooked Truth" subtitle="by Steven Keyl"] [dropcap]H[/dropcap]arvey Weinstein.  Kevin Spacey.  Louis C.K.  Al Franken.  John Conyers, Jr.  Charlie Rose.  Garrison Keillor.  Dustin Hoffman.  The complete list of those guilty of sexual misconduct is at least twice this large.  (OK, let's say even a few million times as large.) As these men rightfully face…
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What is a “Human Whisperer?”

This post serves double-duty.  First, it explains the purpose and content of the book "The Human Whisperer" and explains what is meant by whispering. [sm_hr] Dog and horse whisperers alike are experts.  For the rest of us, the animals we spend the most time with are other people.  So to maximize our effectiveness with others it makes…
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“The Human Whisperer” is here!!

Just like health care, who knew writing a book was so complicated? Apparently, everyone but me.  If I knew two years ago what I know now, would I have still written the book?  Probably, but it would have been a lot better! My euphoria at completing this 2-year project quickly fades as I remember that…
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