Keynote addresses

With energetic delivery, your audience will be entertained, amazed, and informed. From smaller events to the largest venues, my keynotes can barely be called "speeches" in the traditional sense--tedious, boring, insomnia-curing.

Punctuated with genuine laughs, the information is light and easily digestible. Not everyone will find a resonance with each topic, but even they will thoroughly enjoy the experience. Everyone walks away with a smile.

Amazement comes from hands-on demonstrations which involve members of the audience. They are interspersed throughout the keynote and serve to illustrate the concepts under discussion. Targeted guessing, reading people to know how they will decide, and even implanting thoughts through suggestion. All of this and more will leave your audience in a state of wonder.

It's not all fun and games. The lasting takeaway comes through in the information offered. While presented in a light-hearted way, it is quite substantive. Everyone will learn something they didn't know before and more importantly, be able to use it in the real world.

So if you're looking for a keynote address that ticks all the boxes--fun, amazing, and informative, contact me to discuss availability and rates. Either way, stay focused, positive and make your event a success! Best of luck to you.

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