The Human Whisperer Seminar is based on the book of the same name and is about understanding people better, deepening relationships, and utilizing the tools of influence and persuasion. Managers, sales people, law enforcement, government employees, and those in the Intelligence Community... we all could stand to be more effective in dealing with people.

Starting with a discussion of charisma, which isn't some magical, undefinable "thing". Rather, it's a series of nonverbal behaviors. We will discuss the three attributes that define charisma and how they apply to our movements and gestures, creating a more charismatic you!

Then it's time to become a human lie detector! We start with body language and what it tells us about the emotional state of others. From there we take a long look at how to spot deceptive behaviors across all communication channels--verbal, nonverbal, and paralinguistic.

Finally, it's time to master the art of persuasion. The skills from the previous sections form the foundation onto which we apply the tools of influence, such as the consistency heuristic, anchoring, priming, and embodied cognition. These may sound like high-brow academic concepts, but in the seminar we learn how to translate these ideas into practical real-world use cases.

Not only will your company/agency gain materially through a more capable workforce, but the morale boost provided by learning these valuable skills provide a lifetime benefit of greater importance than the bottom line.

Both 1-day and 2-day seminars are available. Longer training sessions are available by special request. Contact me to discuss availability and rates.

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