What is a “Human Whisperer?”

This post serves double-duty.  First, it explains the purpose and content of the book "The Human Whisperer" and explains what is meant by whispering.

Dog and horse whisperers alike are experts.  For the rest of us, the animals we spend the most time with are other people.  So to maximize our effectiveness with others it makes sense to cultivate the same skills as the animal whisperers--to become in the truest sense, a “Human Whisperer.”  The book fosters your understanding of others, and uses that understanding to unlock your persuasive abilities and exert influence in a non-manipulative way.


The first step in understanding people is to recognize common nonverbal behaviors and what they mean. Our body language exposes our emotional state and is hardwired in a primitive part of our brain that reacts to fear and stress. Learning what these nonverbal signals are (from head to toe) and what they mean allow us a glimpse into others' emotional states.

Moving deeper requires the ability to know what someone is actually thinking. The only way to achieve “mind reading” is to be genuinely open to others and talk to them in a way that overcomes the biases acquired over a lifetime.  You can't forge a true connection with someone until you understand them.


Once you acquire that understanding you can generate rapport and build a relationship.  As animals are attracted to their respective whisperers, so must the Human Whisperer learn to generate charisma to naturally draw people toward them.  Charisma has been shown to result from specific character traits, and not some indefinable, magical quality. "The Human Whisperer" examines how to generate charisma, even if you are an introvert and not a person normally thought of as charismatic.

In a sense, knowing how to generate charisma is better than any existing persuasive technique. When using the tools of persuasion, you are trying to get someone to do something or think a certain way. When you have charisma, people want to do what you want them to do.


Animal whisperers are able to nudge their animal in a certain direction without force or coercion, likewise human whisperers use the powers of persuasion to subtly affect the thoughts and actions of others. Persuasion is not one thing. It is a series of techniques, each of which is ideally suited to different types of persuasive requests.  "The Human Whisperer" examines each type of request and lays out the best tools to use in each case.

Ultimately, influence is determined by who you are rather than what you say. Controlling your emotions, setting the proper frame for the discussion, and communicating with tact and genuine empathy can change the mindset of most anyone. This process is not manipulative, dishonest, or coercive. By taking one additional step here it is even possible to change someone’s political beliefs! In this day and age, it looks like magic.

Becoming a successful human whisperer requires a diverse set of skills. Reading people, increasing one’s charisma, and using the tools of persuasion work together to create a stable footing to get the most out of your relationships--both professional and personal.

You will find something of value in the book...but exactly what that is will be different for everyone.  If you want to improve your ability to deal with others, think about getting the book.

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